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Get Ready to Supply

The Get Ready to Supply project aimed to by build a network of buyers willing to support local small businesses based in underserved inner London boroughs. Our team facilitated introductions to corporate decision makers and provided support to help SMEs meet supply chain criteria. The project funded by a grant from the JP Morgan Foundation supported over 250 business.

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Fuelling Ambition

The programme supports women entrepreneurs across the journey from inspiration to investment, providing inspiration as well as practical guidance. We can help female entrepreneurs with bespoke support to access to funding and finance, protecting intellectual property, business strategy, internationalisation, product / market alignment, supply chain efficiency, customer journey mapping and optimisation, mentoring and business expansion. The Fuelling Ambition team works closely with Innovate UK’s In-focus Women in Innovation awards.

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Building Confidence

Building Confidence aims to support London SMEs who want to grow their businesses and corporates who are looking to fulfil their strategic obligations to increase connections to local suppliers. There is a particular focus on targeting underserved, local East London boroughs and the construction sector. The programmes works with accreditation bodies to address the credibility and visibility of small contractors to develop sustainable supply chains, to grow businesses and thereby create and safeguard jobs. Building Confidence provides 1-2-1 support with Newable tendering experts, technical skills workshops, procurement opportunity alerts, Meet the Buyer Events / Roundtables, support in order to get procurement accreditation and support to access finance. The programme is funded by the JP Morgan Foundation.

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