Investing in the final frontier

23rd March 2018

On March 20th, Newable Private Investing held their first Space Technologies Investor Showcase of the year.

6 EIS/SEIS early stage companies were presented to investors interested in downstream technologies using satellite data, GNSS signals, or simply space enabling businesses such as quantum connectivity encryption and drone infrastructure. The event was hosted by NatWest, at their premium location for the second year in a row.

The Space Technologies Investor Showcase on 20 March gave investors a chance to find out about an emerging ecosystem of space tech start-ups.

“Space tech sounds exciting, and it is,” says Neil Bellamy, head of tech, media and telecoms at NatWest. “Space entrepreneurs are in the news, but space tech investment has little to do with the high-profile launches of SpaceX or Blue Origin rockets, or even of the tiny ‘CubeSats’ that have reduced the cost of space hardware from billions to thousands of dollars. The early-stage entrepreneurs that Newable is fuelling have their feet, and their business models, firmly on the ground.”


We are also pleased to announce the launch of Newable Private Investing's new investment platform, where you can find material on the presented companies and upcoming events. By registering via the link here, you will have full access to the latest deals in progress as well as an opportunity to find out more about our EIS Scale-Up Fund 2018 and EIS/SEIS Fund 2018.