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As a leading provider of Responsible Finance, Newable has developed a long and successful track record of business mentoring. Our programmes, tailored to specific needs, are designed to help businesses get going, stay on track and realise their potential.

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Grant writing

Grants are a vital source of revenue for early stage businesses. However, many businesses find grants hard to source, complex to access and time consuming to apply for. Our grant writing service provides the technical and specialist support to help you deliver winning grant applications.

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Finding a great accountant can be difficult. Finding one that is both flexible and affordable can be even harder. Our service includes completion of annual tax forms, basic self-assessment tax return, annual accounts, payroll, P11D, VAT, and bookkeeping. Packages start from just £45 pcm (plus VAT) and you can switch packages to the one that best suits your needs as your business evolves.

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Tax credits

The government actively encourages R&D expenditure in the UK. In fact, in the recent budget, the tax credit was increased to 12% of all qualifying spend. The authorities has also committed to confirming whether investment qualifies for a credit in advance of financial commitment. Our service will help your business benefit from this useful tax benefit.

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Salary Finance

Salary Finance offers an employee benefit that helps people manage debt, start saving and build financial capability. Loans and savings schemes are available at affordable rates. The financial wellbeing hub provides financial education, budget and savings tools, as well as credit score checking. Salary Finance helps your employees take control of their money.

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