Top questions about growth loans

Newable offer Growth Business Loans of up to £50,000

The repayment period may be up to 5 years

A one off arrangement fee for 2% of the value of the loan is required before draw down.
This will not be charged if the application is declined. There are no early repayment fees.
You can pay back the loan at any time without paying a penalty.

Interest rates are fixed, so you know where you stand every month. Please enquire with a helpful Finance Specialist who will provide more information on our interest rates.

If there is adequate security available as per Newable’s security policy, then this will be taken. If security is not available, then we are still able to help you by offering an unsecured loan*.

*Director guarantees are required for Limited Companies

You may be eligible for a Newable Growth Loan if:

You plan to or are currently trading in the UK

You have a business bank account

You are legally entitled to live and work in the UK

You have a permanent address and live within the UK

You have struggled to raise finance from commercial lenders such as banks

Currently, Newable Growth Loans are only available to businesses that are located in Greater London. This is likely to expand to the wider UK during the course of 2017.

Newable Growth Loans cannot be used to pay for:

A vehicle, unless this is an integral part of your business

Trips abroad


Training, research or product development

Political activities

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