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How your mentor can help

Our passion is helping companies grow and develop their businesses. That’s why we have a team of experienced business mentors on hand to provide guidance, information and support so you can achieve your goals.

Most importantly, a Business Mentor will listen to, and take note of your business ambitions and the direction in which you would you would like to take your business.

They’ll act as sounding board and provide support in generating new ideas. Identify risks and potential solutions for your business where possible. Help you to focus, clarify and prioritise tasks that need to be completed.

You’ll be given access to a web portal with up to date information, tools, resources and training. You’ll get access to information, networking opportunities and specialist services / expertise to help you grow your business.

Your Business Mentor will tell you about the latest events taking place for businesses around the UK, help with marketing, recruiting staff, effective book keeping, cost savings / recovery, increasing profit, information about procurement and international trade opportunities.

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How it works

The important thing to remember is that we want you to succeed and you are not alone.

Once you have received your loan, you will be assigned a Business Mentor who will contact you via telephone and / or email to arrange your Mentoring Induction. This will usually be a Skype or telephone conversation that will allow you to set out the keys areas where you would like to be supported.

At the end of your induction a mentoring action plan will be created, setting out tasks that need to be completed and a time and date will be set for a follow up mentoring appointment.

Your Business Mentor will create a mentoring report and send this to you via email after each mentoring session. This will provide an overview of the next steps that need to be taken and any additional information requested during the mentoring appointment.You can also access your mentoring report through your client portal home page.

Regular mentoring appointments will be arranged with you on a monthly basis. The Mentoring service is tailored to suit your needs so appointments can be as short or as long as you would like them to be, up to a maximum of 1 hour. If more time is needed, you can discuss this with your Business Mentor.

We understand that the challenges business face can change from day to day, that’s why you can also contact your Business Mentor in between set mentoring appointments for additional support and guidance.

The Newable Business Finance Mentoring Service is available Monday to Friday from 10am – 5pm.

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