It's a brand Newable day.

12 October 2016

We are proud of our track record as one of the most active and creative supporters of businesses, encouraging enterprise and empowering them to compete successfully. We’re not so chuffed that far too few potential clients, partners and stakeholders know much about us despite the fact we’ve been around for nearly 35 years. So in order to do more of what we do best – and we think uniquely – we set out to create a new brand. A brand that captures the essence of what we are, but a brand capable of helping us become what we want to be. Well known, absolutely trusted, growing exponentially. Welcome to the world of Newable. The same as it ever was. Only better. And newer.

Building business confidence.

Newable offers products, services and expertise to passionate business people whose companies are the lynchpins of local economies supporting them as they start up, sustain and scale.

We believe that confidence is a transformative power that unlocks potential and creates value. Confident business people take decisions that drive the economy forward – getting going, taking on new people, moving into new premises, reaching out to new markets overseas, innovating.

Our people are here to support them every step of the way. Working within a business that balances the desire to make profit with a passion to create an economic and social impact.

New Era.

This is more than a new name for us. It is actually the start of a new era. An era where we build out the expertise, products and services we can offer the business community. An era when we scale up to move beyond our current status as a ‘best kept secret’, into a world where we are the go-to champion of businesses. The world has never been more uncertain and challenging. However, it is our mission to help our clients to build the confidence in their business so that they go into the future and be successful.

We’d love for you to come with us on this journey as partners, as stakeholders, as clients and as members of the Newable team. So please get in touch.

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