Being a Newable Private investor opens the door to opportunity

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Strong and successful network

Be part of one of the longest established, most respected and successful Angel Networks in the UK. We have 30 years of investing experience, having been established in 1982.

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Exclusive members only deal site

Our members only site offers access to deal flow information for each company which has been selected to present to the network, including Presentations, Executive Summaries available to view and download the day after each investment event. Through the site you can also profile your investment portfolio as well as create linkages with other investors.

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Strong deal flow

Our experienced professional team offer a carefully selected range of high growth companies, all of which receive investment readiness training and preparation to aid the investment process prior to our regular company presentation events. We have a solid reputation for providing access to some of the hottest deals in the UK

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Eleven Company presentation events each year

When your application is fully completed and both you and your mentor are confident with the proposal, it will be submitted to an independent assessment team. This assessment will evaluate the proposal ensuring that this is viable and affordable. Your mentor will act on your behalf during this stage and will only submit applications whereby they are confident that the proposal will be approved however, we are unable to guarantee this.

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Opportunity to invest in the Newable Private Investing EIS RoundTable Syndicate Fund

The Newable Private Investing RoundTable Syndicate Fund is the first of its kind in the UK. This is an HMRC approved EIS fund raised via our membership each year, offering relevant tax benefits to our investors and simple access to a diversified portfolio. The fund co-invests in approximately 5-10 companies out of the 66 selected to present to the network as a cornerstone investor each year, with up to £100k in an individual deal.

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Opportunity to invest in further new innovative Funds

Newable Private Investing ventures is developing new and innovative Venture Capital Funds as additional investment opportunities for Newable Private Investing members.

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