Some of our great companies with great potential

Blu Wireless
BluWireless Technology is the leading Silicon IP Systems Provider for high bandwidth communication systems. Their range of Systems provide the key technology required by the semiconductor market to create 5G infrastructure products and technology to access digital content for electronic devices. Their IP Systems provide a unique advantage to leading technology companies who cannot or do not want to develop such technologies themselves to deliver a timely and cost effective product to market.

Contact Engine
ContactEngine improves the key interactions between corporates and their customers, ensuring that crucial moments such as sales, deliveries and appointments are executed with precision and minimum effort. ContactEngine is a SaaS platform that automates the conversations between corporates and their customers. This platform holds intelligent conversations with customers via their choice of device. ContactEngine is a key part of the digitisation of the customer journey, automating previously manual call-centre activity.

Desktop Genetics
Desktop Genetics is a UK-based bioinformatics company building an AI for CRISPR genome editing. Its software and technologies are currently used by the world's best clinical genome editing companies to diagnose and treat the root cause of genetic disease. The company collaborates with the CRISPR community to design new genomics libraries and advance what is possible with CRISPR genome engineering. Desktop Genetics uses real-world lab data to fuel its machine learning pipeline and continuously improve the predictive accuracy of our platform.

Benivo (formerly FlatClub) is a customised relocation and pre-boarding system for junior and mid-level talent. Benivo gives every company the ability to relocate any employee on a budget from and to anywhere in the world. Benivo is an award-winning tech B2B start-up, VC and Angel-backed, building a product for the most innovative companies in the world and with our service, employers now have the ability to relocate their junior employees on a budget and support them when they move for work in a new city or country.

Hopster combines award winning kids TV shows, fun and educational learning games and classic nursery rhymes in a safe and ad-free environment. The ideal app for preschoolers, it is already trusted by over 600,000 families. One single subscription lets kids play and explore at home and on the go with downloadable, offline videos and games. The app is ranked #1 Kids entertainment and learning app for 2-6 year olds in over 35 countries. to deliver a timely and cost effective product to market.

Jellagen Pty Ltd is a Med-Tech business manufacturing next generation collagen products sourced from Jellyfish for application in 2D and 3D cell culture and medical devices. Jellagen’s research grade materials are commercialised with distributors supporting sales into the global cell culture and stem cell research markets. Jellagen’s collagen products offers the potential of in vitro to in vivo applications as well as batch to batch consistency offering advantages to research and medical applications.

Oxtex is an early-stage medical device company which has developed a novel self-inflating tissue expander for the use in reconstructive surgery based on technology developed at Oxford University. Oxtex received the OBN Bioscience award for Best Emerging MedTech in 2011 and Best New Medtech product in 2012.

Sphere Fluidics
The company’s novel single cell analysis systems offer the rapid screening and characterisation of single cells. These systems are underpinned by its patented picodroplet technology, specifically designed to increase the chances of finding that rare ‘one-in-a-billion’ molecule or cell that could be an industry blockbuster. Most importantly, its flexible systems evolve alongside its clients changing research needs, providing an adaptable platform that helps them to meet their goals.

TravelAI has developed software that can be incorporated into apps to automatically gather data on the owner's transport usage, to be sold to third parties. They also produce apps that allow route planning based on the amount of congestion present, which also gives city authorities insight into where improvements can be made.

Advizzo transforms how millions of people think about their water and energy consumptions and how Utilities engage with their customers. With its software, the company combines behavioural science, big data, machine learning and digital emotional marketing techniques that make customer engagement easy, social and rewarding.

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