Investment to help you realise the potential of your business

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The checklist

  • Meet the criteria for EIS/SEIS relief
  • A high growth business, with a strong and scalable business model
  • An attractive market; with a significant and growing addressable market
  • A strong and experienced management team with relevant operational and sector experience
  • Some independent validation within the market place, either through value added partners or through actual sales
  • A sustainable competitive advantage, for example through intellectual property protection or exclusive commercial arrangements
  • A value proposition through providing an attractive economic benefit to both direct and indirect customers
  • A business model with the potential to generate growing recurring revenue
A pictogram of a navy coloured rocket

The process

  • Submission of business plan
  • Phone / Skype call
  • Face to face meeting
  • Deal evaluation / initial DD
  • Company presentation event
  • Deal structuring / syndicate formation
  • Formal DD and co-investment leverage
  • Close
  • Post deal support

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