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30 Jan 2017

Make 2017 the year of exporting.

In our modern 21st century world, January, for many businesses and business people is a time to review the third quarter and look ahead to the final quarter of the financial year.

30 Jan 2017

Newable supports the creative industries.

Newable, working in partnership with Enterprise Europe Network, is inviting all ambitious businesses and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to access and secure funding, to an informational workshop followed by a networking session.

30 Jan 2017

Newable keynotes at major life sciences conference.

Genesis is the premier life science and healthcare networking conference. Newable and Enterprise Europe Network were event sponsors.

30 Jan 2017

Newable fuels the ambition of female entrepreneurs.

Newable’s Innovation team recently conceived, curated and delivered a ground breaking programme on behalf of Enterprise Europe Network designed to unleash the potential of female entrepreneurs.

30 Jan 2017

Newable picked to help create 5,000 new start ups.

Newable has been selected as The Start Up Loans Company’s national delivery partner to help around 5,000 people start their own business over the course of the next two years

03 Jan 2017

New year. Deja vu.

Welcome to 2017. Although it is a brand new year, from a business headline perspective it is pretty safe to assume 2017 is going to feel a lot like 2016.

23 Dec 2016

Innovative futurology.

Parts one and two of this series looked at the current state of innovation in the UK. We conclude by turning an eye to the future.

16 Dec 2016

How innovative is Brexit?

The previous article in this series looked at some of the key investment strands being supported by Innovate UK. This article looks at whether all this might be undone by Brexit.

16 Dec 2016

State of the innovation.

Innovate 2016 brought 2,500 innovators together in Manchester. The agenda was the current direction of travel for innovation in the UK.

7 Dec 2016

Supporting creative businesses in East London to reach new markets

An event funded by J.P. Morgan, part of the ‘Get Ready to Supply’ programme of support for SME’s to access new commercial opportunities.

7 Dec 2016

An even more uber job.

Uber is at the forefront of the gig economy. However, are there better opportunities out there for people who want to work for themselves?

23 Nov 2016

Seraphim Space Fund – A new Frontier.

Seraphim Capital has reached a £50m first close to launch its pioneering new venture capital fund focused on space-related early stage technology businesses.

28 Oct 2016

How to stop under-confidence.

There’s a really interesting piece in Time magazine this week. The theme is how under-confidence” hurts the economy.

26 Oct 2016

What confidence can mean to a business.

The British have been happily measuring this enigmatic feeling since 1958, for there is nothing more we like as a nation than attaching a number to something.

12 October 2016

It's a brand Newable day.

We are proud of our track record as one of the most active and creative supporters of businesses, encouraging enterprise and empowering them to compete successfully.

12 Oct 2016

The value of values.

We do hope that you love – or at least come to love – our new branding as much as we do. However, we are also nurturing something that that is even more valuable, something that has even more equity than the brand.

12 Oct 2016

Brexit – Are we grieving?

This is not a political point. Or post. However, the country’s reaction since Brexit has, arguably, looked like the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Well apart from the bargaining bit perhaps.

12 Oct 2016

A view from the new guy.

I am Newable’s first recruit. The new Marketing and Communications Director. Employee number one. And like all marketing types, I’m sorely tempted to claim this terrific new brand as all my own work. However, it isn’t mine, or indeed any other person’s work.

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