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30 August 2017

Fuelling Ambition with Suzy Dilly, co-founder of the Magic Tag Technology

We are showcasing a handful of great female talent we have worked with as part of our Fuelling Ambition initiative. This week, we spoke to Suzy Dilly, co-founder of the Magic Tag technology and the CEO at joint venture, ValiSeek Ltd.

14 August 2017

UK Space Tech Angels (UKSTA) syndicate completes investment into agritech innovator, Haybsee

HayBSee, a London based agritech robotics company providing the worlds’ first commercial, everyday, farm interacting robot, has closed an investment round which was cornerstoned by a UK Tech Space Angels (UKSTA) syndicate.

14 August 2017

AiTC and LBA investors invest in Luxia, a Hospitality Tech & Media company

Luxia, a technology and media business in the global hospitality sector has closed an investment round from AiTC and LBA investors. This round also included participation from the London Co-Investment Fund (LCIF).

11 August 2017

Newable are Fuelling Ambition alongside Innovate UK

Newable is currently delivering support to female innovators as part of the Infocus initiative by Innovate UK to help female entrepreneurs, We’re featuring a small handful of said talent, starting off with Anna Hill, co-founder of the River Cycleway Consortium LTD.

10 August 2017

LBA (London Business Angels) joins force with ESA Business Applications

LBA, one of the UK’s leading private investment groups and the European Space Agency (ESA) have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) that establishes a joint commitment to cultivating successful new businesses in the UK.

31 July 2017

British business needs an action plan

Chris Manson CEO of Newable argues that the slowdown in the UK GDP growth announced last week underscores the case for Government support for businesses at the heart of economy.

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