Newable’s Innovation Growth Specialists are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to fostering the development and commercialisation of innovative ideas within SMEs. They provide tailored support, enhancing innovation management capacity and driving business growth.

With a background in commercialising innovation, these specialists offer strategic coaching and mentoring, helping businesses validate new concepts, access funding, and refine business models. Their expertise extends to addressing challenges in scaling new products or services and creating effective strategies in areas such as marketing and sales.

We had the opportunity to ask one of our Innovation and Growth Specialists, Maurice, a few questions about himself and his role here at Newable.


Please tell us a little bit about your background.

Since childhood, football was a significant part of my life. I began playing at eight years old and continued until a knee injury at 16 halted my journey. During this time, I was part of teams like Carshalton Athletic and Sutton United, and I even embarked on a YTS scheme with Crystal Palace. Post-injury, my interests pivoted to business, IT, and media studies. While initially aspiring to be a television host, I discovered a deeper interest in the IT field. In 2004, I was recruited by the financial services industry, altering the course of my professional life.

My experience in financial services was enlightening, revealing the intricacies of the sector. I dedicated myself to educating clients on various financial matters, including funding options, credit enhancement, and the decision-making criteria of banks. I introduced them to online banking and smart money management, which were relatively new concepts at the time. Throughout the years, I’ve advised and supported countless businesses, aiding in their funding and expansion efforts. The most fulfilling aspect of my career is witnessing the success of my clients, be it launching a new venture, scaling their business, or generating employment opportunities.


What do you enjoy most about supporting clients?

The greatest satisfaction I derive from my work is seeing my clients achieve their goals and dreams. Whether it’s helping them start a business, expanding their operations, or simply improving their financial health, witnessing their success is incredibly rewarding. I love seeing transformations, like a one-person operation growing into a team, or a business increasing its turnover from thousands to millions. These achievements are a testament to the hard work and dedication both my clients and I put into our collaborations.


What do you enjoy about your role at Newable?

At Newable, I appreciate the opportunity to work with a team of fantastic, people-oriented individuals who each bring unique expertise to the table. The organisation provides a flexible and supportive environment, which I find invaluable. Being part of a team with like-minded professionals who are equally passionate about helping clients succeed is both motivating and fulfilling.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I have a passion for cooking and am always eager to learn new dishes and techniques from different cultures. I also love music, singing, and various sports, including football, tennis, basketball, and athletics.

I enjoy watching crime documentaries and classic detective shows like Columbo and Murder She Wrote. If I weren’t in my current career, I could see myself working in MI5, given my interest in crime and investigation.

I also enjoy coaching my middle son and his football team and seeing my son develop his ambition to become a professional footballer.

I love to travel and have been on 20 holidays in 5 years and I enjoy acting and modelling and have been involved in over 100 productions from corporate videos to movies and to photoshoots.


Please tell us a fun, interesting fact about yourself.

Back in 2001, a friend of mine put my name forward for a new dating programme as I was single. Without knowing much about it, I attended what I thought to be an interview for a TV role and ended up getting signed up to be involved in a pilot show about dating. The show had 10 guys who had to compete against each other to win a date with a stunning single woman.

Unfortunately, I was only able to come 3rd, but I have to say, it was a fun experience. To my surprise, several months later, while watching TV with my family who did not know I done this pilot dating show, this dating show came up and I could not believe it was on national TV. Although it was a memorable experience, the lesson I learned from this is to be cautious when friends say they have lined up an important meeting for you – you just can’t trust what people say!


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