Half the globe’s adult population have tooth decay. It is the most common chronic disease in the world. With a small change that starts in the baby years, one British-brand, Babycup, aims to help change this rotten situation.

Founder of Babycup and mum of three, Sara Keel, created Babycup First Cups, a British manufactured, 100% recyclable product that began life with the micro-aim of making a weaning cup that was ‘right’ for her own children, but which soon took on the bigger aim of making a fundamental change to childhood oral health. Looking into expert advice and consulting with health professionals, Sara found that sipping from an open cup, instead of sucking from a lid, spout, or seal, is actually better for oral health.

The pursuit of creating the perfect solution has led to Babycup First Cups now exporting to around 30 countries, and being an international award-winning weaning product loved by families and health services at home and overseas.

Our International Trade Team, working on behalf of the Department for International Trade, is on hand to provide expertise. Babycup has received exporting know-how and international sales advice for offline and e-commerce sales. Sara’s assigned International Trade Advisor, Adrian Dent, has been a constant support since Babycup’s mini cups first hit the market and is still an unwavering source of expertise now that these little cups are a big success.

Exporting now makes up 80% of Babycup’s total sales thanks to demand from customers in markets such as Japan, Thailand, and the US, where it has now set up a distribution center to fulfill orders across the country.