Capital Play was set up in 2000, primarily selling wooden climbing frames and other outdoor play equipment. However, founder Andrew Jameson discovered the appeal of domestic trampolines through the eyes of his children. Andrew shifted the business towards specializing in premium trampolines and enlisted the help of his brother Paul in 2011 to design the company’s own innovative sunken trampoline.

This design became the world’s first purpose-built in-ground trampoline. Due to a sharp increase in competition within the UK, the company wanted to look internationally for growth.

Nick Charles, International Trade Adviser, acting on behalf of the Department for International Trade (DIT), first met with Andrew and Paul in January 2015 when the business had six employees and a turnover of £1.25 million, with less than £100k being international. Help and advice have been provided ever since, including providing information and market data on a number of countries and introductions to DIT’s in-country offices in Germany, France, and the USA.

The USA has become a market of particular focus with advice on getting product liability insurance in the USA and dealing with issues like receiving credit card payments. Capital Play now has a US website, and the company is forecasting revenue of £10 million over the next five years from the US market alone. In addition to the USA, the business has distributors in Australia, New Zealand, and The Netherlands, with plans to expand further into the Nordics and Canada. Capital Play, based in Chobham, Surrey, now employs eleven people and has a turnover of £3 million.