The final company to be featured in this round of our Backing British Businesses series is MediaSense; independent global media advisors.

MediaSense build high performance media operating models and unlock value for the world’s leading brands via three core capabilities; Models, Partners and Analytics.

Brands engage with MediaSense to become better and more efficient and to affect change or transformation. Their specialist advisory and analytics teams bring together a unique blend of expertise from media and digital agencies, technology companies and brand marketing.

Teams work with 50+ leading brands, all making the transition to stronger media partnerships, systems and tools, and actively seeking to generate improved value and media productivity.

MediaSense have been working with Newable’s Innovation Advisor, Abrar Jawaid, since January 2020.

The business required support to gain access to innovation funding for the development of their new AI powered digital platform for auditing digital advertising content, accessing overseas partners and markets, and enhancing their innovation capability.

Our Innovation Advisor, Abrar, helped the company access innovation grant funding, advised on their innovation strategy development, and helped internationalisation to markets.

“Newable have given us huge support on our innovation strategy, a lot of which we have taken and used to refine our internal processes and approach. This has led to extra strategic impact, better market cut-through and has raised our profile with Innovate UK. We can highly recommend Newable to any forward-looking business keen to add structure their innovation approach.” Nicola Poynter, Head of Product, MediaSense