Paul Cameron, the founder of Treehouse Life, stumbled on his great idea in 2002 when he was looking for a treehouse for his sons. Being uninspired inspired him. After all, a treehouse should be a place that fires the imagination.

Paul realised that it was also more than child’s play. A treehouse could also be a retreat, a second home, a luxury cabin, and so much more.

Soon, it became apparent that this was not just a British phenomenon but an idea with global appeal. From English country gardens to uber-cool Ibiza beachfronts.

In the past 5 years, Paul and his team have created, built, and delivered more than 100 treehouses and rope bridges throughout the UK and all around the world.

As a leading Delivery Partner for the Department for International Trade, Newable’s International Trade Team has helped Treehouse Life go global.

Newable provided advice and set up a consultation meeting to discuss a strategy about overseas business.

We helped with workshops to develop exporting expertise. Without a showroom, it was important to build and improve their website, social media, and networking.

Paul said, “Thanks to the advice and tips given to me, I’ve reached a place where clients don’t even need to see examples of the work I do now. Clients just trust the work I do. The confidence and support given to me thanks to Newable and DIT has been fantastic.”