Working from a serviced office space can bring numerous advantages. It can provide a professional, energetic and inspiring atmosphere, with access to meeting rooms and other services allowing businesses the opportunity to focus on growing. It can also help to create a sense of community, encouraging collaboration between employees. A survey, conducted by hownow, found that 67% of UK remote workers feel disconnected from their colleagues. Additionally, it can help to reduce distractions, allowing employees to focus on their work and increase productivity. But what do you need to consider to choose the best workspace for you?

1. Does the nature of my business affect what office space I need?

Before you make decisions about the place, features, and design of your workspace, it is critical to contemplate the type of business you run. The nature of your business will affect the type of workspace you need in various ways. You should assess the number and type of employees you have, and the kind of work they carry out. Different businesses necessitate distinct plans and arrangements, such as open-plan offices for creative companies or private offices for more confidential businesses. Additionally, you should contemplate the type of hardware and technology you need for your business and where you will store them. Without proper planning, your workplace could become unproductive and hazardous.

2. How much should I spend on office space?

In order to limit the costs associated with moving to and renting an office space, it is essential to calculate a budget and only search for workspace that fit this budget. Going for the least expensive option may seem attractive, however, it is important to consider the quality of the office space and find a balance between these two factors.

3. How much space do I need for my office?

When selecting an office for your workplace, you should consider the number of staff you have and their work habits, such as if they will be full-time office based or using a hybrid working system, and if so, maybe a co-working space is most appropriate. Additionally, you will need to contemplate the type of equipment you have and plan for any future growth. It is crucial to make sure the workspace is a peaceful and comfortable place to work where your team can be productive and safe. Furthermore, you should consider if you need extra space for meeting rooms, rest areas, and storage.

4. What amenities are important in an office space?

Nowadays, it is essential for offices to be comfortable and secure environments for staff, even if they are only required to work there part time. To make the commute worthwhile, employers should consider providing amenities such as free snacks, wellness areas, and pet day care. This makes the office more inviting than just a blank room with desks and chairs. As workers have demonstrated that they can be productive when working from home, it is crucial for the office to feel just as inviting.

5. What is the importance of location when choosing an office space?

The choice of location for an office space is critical, as it can have many consequences if the wrong one is chosen. It is important to take into account factors such as how easy it is for staff to travel to the office, the availability of public transportation, parking options, and the proximity of shops and restaurants. An office located in an attractive and lively area can be beneficial when it comes to recruiting new staff, but it is essential to find a balance with the quality of the location and how easy it is for employees to get to work.


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