KPMG just announced the winners of their 5th annual awards – Best British Tech Start-Up of 2019.

The competition, which has had more than 1,000 applications since it launched in 2013, saw successful applicants invited to pitch their business to a panel of judges at events held in Cambridge, Oxford, London, Manchester and Birmingham. The competition’s alumni include Babylon Health and Echo and hundreds of millions have been raised by previous participants to date.

From hundreds of applications, down to five finalists and one ultimate pitch in Barcelona, we have our 2019 winner. Congratulations to Hummingbird Technologies. This artificial intelligence business overcame fierce competition and impressed the judges with their business’s innovation, market potential, and momentum.

Based in London, Hummingbird Technologies use imagery and data analytics from UAV, satellite and plane technology, together with machine learning and computer vision techniques, to provide farmers with high resolution crop maps.

Hummingbird were first introduced to Newable through our innovation team, who then referred them over to our private investing team as they were in need of funding. With the help of Newable Private Investing, Hummingbird were able to raise £1.5m in their series A round investment.

We congratulate Hummingbird Technologies on their big win and look forward to what the rest of the year brings.