Synergy Car Leasing, part of the Newable Group, is a leading vehicle leasing provider offering all makes and models of cars and vans to private individuals and all types of businesses. Recognised for its best-in-class customer experience, Synergy Car Leasing offers a modern and cost-effective way to drive a brand-new car.

Given the recent shift in demand from their customers for electric and hybrid vehicles and the increasing global need to become more energy efficient, Synergy Car Leasing surveyed their clients in July 2020** to research future customer trends in transitioning to an electric or hybrid lease car.

Results showed three quarters of respondents were ‘very likely’ or ‘likely’ to consider an electric or hybrid vehicle as their next lease car. Synergy Car Leasing listened to client’s key considerations for going electric, their likely barriers, and what would increase their electric vehicle consideration process.

Paul Parkinson, CEO & Founder of Synergy Car Leasing stated

We’re seeing more businesses, owner managers and company car drivers take advantage of the low benefit-in-kind tax rates on electric vehicles.  Private individuals are also keen to play their part for the environment, reduce their fuel costs and take advantage of some excellent new electric and hybrid cars in the marketplace.

With vehicle manufacturers offering an increased and much improved choice on electric vehicles, higher mileage ranges, combined with more individuals and businesses becoming consciously greener, the leasing marketplace, along with fleet vehicles, are expected to be significant driving forces in the “road to zero emissions”.

Synergy Car Leasing has invested in substantial electric vehicle training for their account management team, who have full market access to find the right electric or hybrid vehicle to meet the client’s individual needs.  Synergy also has partnerships with leading vehicle charging suppliers, to facilitate an easy transition to electric for their clients.

Despite the tough economic conditions and challenges, Synergy Car Leasing’s sales in hybrid and electric vehicles have increased rapidly and accounted for over a fifth (21.2%) of contracts in 2020 versus 7.6% in 2019*.

The shift to electric vehicles will undoubtedly rapidly accelerate in 2021 as environmental concerns are highlighted, and clients recognise the fuel cost savings, as well as company car tax savings, and traditional barriers such as charging points and “range anxiety” continue to be overcome.


** Synergy Car Leasing client database of 264 respondents, July 2020

*Synergy internal data

*The above image is taken from Motorbike Tire Shop.