Newable partners with Start Up Loans, part of the British Business Bank, and UMi to deliver mentoring and support for SMEs

By Ruth Collier

Mentoring has a positive effect on loan recipients. According to the Start Up Loans Year 3 Evaluation, more than half (51%) of applicants took up the offer of mentoring support if offered. Of those, nearly three quarters (74%) reported net positive effects on long-term job prospects and 80% reported net positive effects on confidence in … Continued

Business Support and Advice for SMEs during Covid-19

By jesse_orange

At Newable we know that no one can do everything on their own. Many need external support to get access to finance or develop their business further. Newable has been providing business support and advice for over 30 years now and is proud to be continuing to do so during these times. The Newable Advice … Continued

Agile working

By jesse_orange

Almost overnight Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has rocked the world’s stock markets with profound consequences for various regions and countries across the globe. No one could predict its emergence, or the potential repercussions of a burgeoning global pandemic, and as such, finding ways to counteract the spread and ramifications of Covid-19 has proven challenging. Several countries have … Continued

Tapping into overseas opportunities

By jesse_orange

Let’s face it, Brexit is an uncomfortable topic at the best of times. It’s fair to say that even the most seasoned business leaders are still no clearer about the effects of our imminent departure from the EU. For some, the potential cessation of free trade and movement across EU nations presents a plethora of … Continued