How to make the best out of a bad situation

By Natasha Boumediene

With so much uncertainty, we are all trying to make sense of life in a COVID-19 world and what it means for our businesses today and into the future. I’ve been working with businesses of all kinds around the world for many years. When going through tough times, such as: Economic challenges Political turmoil Natural … Continued

The Growing Importance of outstanding Non-Executive Directors and robust Boards for UK SMEs

By Natasha Boumediene

The global financial crisis, coupled with increased regulation have drawn attention to the roles played by board advisers and independent non-executive directors (iNED). From corporate governance through to oversight and mentorship, the requirements of the advisory role have never been so broad or demanding. The ability to review in detail a company’s strategy and decision-making … Continued

We should give office workers the freedom to work flexibly

By jesse_orange

Through working in the travel industry for 13 years, with Tui, British Airways and Avis, I saw the industry change and evolve drastically and fast. The emergence of internet players such as, Priceline and Expedia meant that customers had an alternative to booking inflexible travel packages with a high-street travel agent. The new technology … Continued

Mind Your International Business Development

By Natasha Boumediene

We have been talking a great deal to busy exporters this year about the stress and anxieties they are dealing with. Most tell us that retaining and winning new business during Covid-19 is top of their list of stressors. It’s clear that the more time you have available for business development, the more you can … Continued

Data protection challenges as SMEs unlock

By Natasha Boumediene

As lock down eases and businesses begin to take their first steps back to normality there are a number of things to consider to ensure that you have done all that is necessary to meet Government guidance, to provide a safe environment. Whilst much of their focus will have been on physical alternations that need … Continued

‘Busy’ is no longer an excuse

By Natasha Boumediene

Is it just me or did the whole world suddenly start exercising at the beginning of lock-down? Everyone is/was exercising regularly, and it’s not hard to guess why. Self-isolation is challenging – there is only so much time you can spend inside your own four walls. But more so, in one fell swoop, isolation inexorably … Continued

Saying you are open is just the start.

By Natasha Boumediene

As we move back to a weird kind of normal, many businesses are looking to open their doors and start trading. We all understand how important it is to tell our customers that we are open and trading, but is that enough? Right here, right now, there is a lot of online clutter and confusion … Continued