Newable partners with Start Up Loans, part of the British Business Bank, and UMi to deliver mentoring and support for SMEs

By Ruth Collier

Mentoring has a positive effect on loan recipients. According to the Start Up Loans Year 3 Evaluation, more than half (51%) of applicants took up the offer of mentoring support if offered. Of those, nearly three quarters (74%) reported net positive effects on long-term job prospects and 80% reported net positive effects on confidence in … Continued

Helping our stakeholders become more sustainable

By Natasha Boumediene

Under our Advice Net Zero initiative, our advisers are trained to support businesses on their carbon reduction journey, and we encourage them to incorporate sustainability into their business model to ensure they remain competitive. Newable is also leading the change to Net Zero in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. In June 2019, the Parliament passed legislation requiring … Continued

Newable’s Environmental Management Policy

By Natasha Boumediene

Each EMS ensures a common thread through communication and assessment while at the same time offering bespoke tactics and interventions as we seek to engage with staff and assess and our environmental impacts. Our approach Newable is not only looking to mitigate its own potential compliance risk and to reduce costs and carbon through high … Continued