At Newable, our dedicated Events Team plays a pivotal role in organising and executing a diverse range of events. With over 250 events annually, they cater to ambitious business owners, providing opportunities to learn new skills and network with like-minded entrepreneurs both in the UK and international markets.

The team meticulously plan and deliver events that empower other businesses to thrive. From workshops and webinars to conferences and networking sessions, the Newable Events Team ensures seamless coordination, engaging content, and memorable experiences for participants.


Events team picture

(Photo taken from The National Mentoring Matters Conference and Awards 2024, organised by Ben)


Ben McDonald, our Senior Events Executive, is one of the key members of this team. His expertise extends to managing the Help to Grow: Management Course, a Government supported leadership course aimed at supporting small business growth and the Inclusive Supply Chain project, supported by the Mayor of London and delivered on behalf of the Greater London Authority which helps to promote social and economic cohesion and allows London’s SME’s to access supply chains.


We had the opportunity to ask Ben a few questions about himself and his role here at Newable.



What is your role and Newable?

I am the Senior Events Executive and Team Chameleon as I work in a team full of women, therefore I have to blend in.



What programmes do you work on at Newable?

I work on the Help to Grow: Management Course and  Inclusive Supply Chain Project. The Help to Grow: Management Course aims to enhance management skills through the use of 1:1 business mentoring. I also deliver the Inclusive Supply Chain project on behalf of the Greater London Authority which  provides valuable training and resources for business leaders, equipping them to navigate supply chain challenges effectively.



Please tell us a little about your background?

Since 2017, I’ve been professionally involved in the events industry. Crafting and executing events has always been my passion, especially during my previous roles in pubs and bars. However, my true enjoyment lies in the event management aspect.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to work at a Glamping Site near Chichester, organising corporate events and weddings. During this time, I collaborated with renowned companies like Red Bull and Deloitte.

Later, I transitioned to a more corporate setting, joining the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce. Eventually, I made my way to London, where I currently work at Newable.



What do you enjoy most about organising our events?

Organising events at Newable is a journey that encompasses creativity, collaboration, and the thrill of witnessing our ideas materialise.

At the initial planning stage, we gather around the table. It’s here that we share ideas, allowing our imaginations to run wild. We explore themes, consider logistics, and envision the event’s impact on attendees.

Once we have agreed on an idea, we outline the event’s structure, defining its purpose, target audience, and key elements. Then timelines, budgets, and resources come into play.

My favourite thing about organising these events is going from the initial planning stage to seeing the event come to life on the day.



What do you enjoy most about your role at Newable?

Having the freedom to design and create events that consistently receive positive feedback is undeniably one of the most rewarding aspects of my job at Newable.

I relish the opportunity to craft unique experiences that resonate with attendees. I thrive on the creative process. The ability to innovate, experiment, and infuse my personal touch into each event is fulfilling.

Witnessing participants leave with smiles, inspired connections, and a sense of satisfaction fuels my passion. It’s not just about organising logistics; it’s about crafting moments that stay in people’s memories.

I also love the 4:30 finish on a Friday, a great Newable benefit



What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I spend a lot of time to training and maintaining an active lifestyle. While I’m not preparing for any grand adventure, I am an active football referee in the semi-professional game as my own unique adventure. The challenge and experience of it all and being involved in such a high quality of game, keeps my mind and body sharp and active.

In addition, I share my days with Gus, my cockapoo. He was named after the mouse from Cinderella. Gus and I spend a lot of time together, and I must admit, I find his company more delightful than that of most people.

As for my aspirations, I dream of having an elegant garden. Unfortunately, my lack of design and construction skills prevents me from creating one. During the summer, my modest contribution involves simply mowing the grass each week.



Please tell us a fun/interesting fact about yourself?

When I was younger, I wanted to be a Paranormal Investigator, before watching the Blair Witch Project and realised it was terrifying and not for me.



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