5.7m individual businesses are even lumped together into a single, sector called SMEs and treated generically.

This obsession drowns out the micro, obscuring the reality of what is happening at the level of individual firms up and down the country. Newable supports over 20,000 businesses working at the heart of the economy and each one is unique. We see and work with amazing, inspiring, world class British entrepreneurs and companies. Nothing gives us a greater thrill than being able to help them thrive through the provision of funding, expert advice or business premises.

We think it is time to look beyond the macro to stand up for and celebrate the brilliant businesses working at the heart of economy. That’s why we’re launching our Backing British Businesses series.  Each week we plan to showcase a great UK business that Newable has had the pleasure to support.

It might be a story of patient equity investment into a company like the Electrospinning Company, helping them to develop a technology that is transforming regenerative medicine. It might be a story about how we helped a family bespoke joinery business called Falkus connect to and win contracts from major construction companies. It might be a story about how, as a delivery partner for the Department for International Trade, we have helped a dynamic and creative design and manufacturing business called Treehouse Life win business around the world. In fact, it could and will be any number of terrific businesses.

We hope, in some small way, we can also help re-frame the big picture and bring into focus a different, richer perspective on business in the UK.  We believe that we help to promote a better recognition of the passion and potential of people with the determination and resilience to rise to the challenges they face on a daily basis.  As a consequence, we hope we can develop an interest in and a better understanding of the value that the businesses working at the heart of the UK bring to UK plc. Because we believe these great British businesses deserve better.

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