One of our business targets is to be amongst the top 1% of companies on ESG by FY28 and Justine Finance-Elzokm, our new ESG and Sustainability Manager will be instrumental in helping us achieve this.

In a recent interview, Justine shared her insights on how she plans to lead and manage our sustainability and environmental programme, as well as support our broader ESG agenda.


What is the ESG and Sustainability Manager responsible for?

The ESG and Sustainability Manager is responsible for managing the implementation of Newable’s ESG strategy throughout the Group with an enhanced focus on sustainability. Part of my responsibilities also include supporting the Chief ESG Officer on strategic ESG and risk matters.


What was your previous role at Newable and what skills do you think you will bring to your new role within ESG?

I have had several roles over my 8+ years at Newable, all of which helped me develop skills I will apply for this role.

As Events and Marketing Executive – I learnt how to organise events, lead sessions and engage with staff as well as develop marketing content including case studies, blogs and posts.

As Project Manager – I learnt how to be structured, manage a project from start to finish and ensure accuracy and consistency of information for reporting purposes.

As Business Development Project Manager – I learnt how to gather important data, report on it in a timely manner and engage with various stakeholders. I also learnt how to create reports and worked on several types of brochures for the company.


Are you excited to work with new departments and companies across the group on their ESG journey?

Absolutely! I can see there is a lot to be done and I am thrilled to have been entrusted with this responsibility. I look forward to working with everyone across the group and help them move along on their journey to commit to enhanced environmental, social and governance performance.

This will be a learning journey for all of us and I am glad I can help them steer the boat in the right direction. No doubts we’ll face winds and storms on the way, but we shall keep our eye on the horizon and not let that discourage us.


What are you most excited for in your new role?

I am most excited about getting to learn a lot while making a difference, both for the company, our staff, the community in which we live and ultimately our environment.


If ESG were a superhero, what would their superpowers be?

Persuasion – to educate the world on the impact their actions have on the environment and communities, as well as implementing systems in place to look after and protect our world and each other in it.

Time traveller – to be able to raise awareness of our impact on the environment much earlier and control it better.


What’s your favourite sustainable snack during long meetings?

I love almonds, they come in large packs or can be bought from a refill station. I’ve also recently tried a no-waste recipe using half a can of chickpeas, which was roasting the leftovers in the oven with some salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. Great snack!


What’s the most creative way you’ve recycled something?

We often do pieces of art at the kids’ school. I once did a solar system costume with a bin bag, recycled paper and carton for my son. My daughter is a real creative bird and will turn every piece of recycling into a pretend money box, jewellery box, etc


Do you have a favourite plant-based recipe?

I recently tried a new recipe: Butternut squash and chickpea curry – everyone loved it and definitely adding to my list of regular meals!


If you had to host an ESG themed dinner party, who would be on the guest list?

Tough question and I may be culturally biased here but I would probably say:

Marjane Satrapi and Riad Sattouf (for their artistic ability to represent a difficult childhood in a politically and socially charged context and trying to make social changes), David Attenborough (for his work advocating for restoring the planetary biodiversity, switching to renewable energy and mitigating climate change), Erin Brockovich (for her work as an environmental activist and consumer advocate) and Leonardo DiCaprio (for his work around supporting organisations and initiatives dedicated to securing a sustainable future for our planet and also as a treat as I get to choose my guests).


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about sustainability?

It may sound familiar to all but this is the one I use the most daily – the 3 R’s: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

When I have an item at home and I am not sure if I need it anymore, I will first ask myself if it can be used for a different purpose. If I can’t make a use of it, I will see if someone else can (e.g donate to family members, friends or a charity. I also have a WhatsApp group with other mums from my kids’ school where we exchange on sustainability matter through which we sometimes exchange or borrow items instead of buying new ones). Then I will look into recycling the item rather than throwing it away. You may be surprised by the sort of recycling bank available out there. For instance, at my local leisure centre, they collect unwanted running shoes/sports shoes (even when completely worn out). There are also lots of repair cafes for electrical items for instance. Always worth looking into what else exists out there to avoid something being sent to landfill.


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