The objective of the re-design was simple: to help more customers find the right Newable product and service in an easier, quicker fashion.

Our start point was our customers, the key users of the site.

We undertook a programme of UX (user experience) activities including insight research, design and prototype testing working with our long term partners, Bravand.

We took a ‘mobile first’ approach to usability, design and content, as a majority of users now access the Newable website via mobile devices.

Reflecting how user increasingly wish to consumer content, the site is ‘video rich’.

We have also ensured that the site seamlessly connects into our Salesforce CRM system.

In order to enable us to make real-time content updates, the site have been built on a new CMS (Content Management System).

The site has been developed by Newable’s most excellent Digital Team.

Check back regularly as new content will be added all the time.