The height of the pandemic was a trying and difficult time, particularly when it came to mental health, with increased levels of anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

Before the pandemic, common reasons cited for the two-decade-long climb were depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. These root causes have been exacerbated by pandemic-related economic and personal struggles, along with a loss of coping strategies that a pre-pandemic social life provided.

This is why Newable wanted to create more opportunities for mental health to be discussed and addressed, with a special focus on suicide prevention.

Newable partnered with charity; Samaritans as part of World Suicide Prevention Day 2021 and took part in the day to join the worldwide commitment to preventing suicides, as every life lost to suicide is a tragedy.

Suicide prevention

As per the World Health Organisation (WHO); every 40 seconds someone ends his or her life. When calculated, it is almost 800,000 individuals per year worldwide who die by suicide and for every suicide, there are many more who attempt suicide. We know that suicide is preventable and that small actions can make a big difference and save lives.

The World Suicide Prevention Day theme for last year was – “Creating Hope Through Action”. In line with the theme, Newable staff was encouraged to explore what hope means to them by sharing their own stories of overcoming tough times, sharing the things that give them hope, or sharing a quote on an intranet thread.

Dawn Walk

Newable also decided to join Samaritans in their nationwide volunteering initiative called “Dawn Walk”. “Dawn Walk” is a virtual sponsored walk at sunrise, on Saturday 18th September. Participants can team up with their families, friends, or colleagues, or go solo, and walk 5K or 10K anywhere they like at dawn to help raise funds for Samaritans.

This was also a fundraising event where the staff was encouraged to sponsor participants to help raise funds for Samaritans vital work in emotional support and suicide prevention.

The team managed to raise a total of £260 which Newable match funded rounding up the total to £520.

Continuing the conversation

Although this was the first time Newable Group participated in World Suicide Prevention Day, there have been continued efforts to continue the conversation; with several webinars aimed at helping staff to recognise signs of vulnerability and ways to support their own, and others, emotional health.

Newable also plans to partner with Samaritans for an ongoing volunteering programme, which is to be launched in the near future

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