Our corporate DNA

By Natasha Boumediene

Our Journey We started our journey in July 1982 as Greater London Enterprise, which later became known as GLE. GLE was a not-for-profit organisation established to help create jobs and opportunities for Londoners. GLE’s aim was to improve the economic well-being of people living in London, which had been badly hit by the UK’s manufacturing … Continued

Leading the charge to Net Zero in Barnsley

By Natasha Boumediene

This led to Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council declaring a climate emergency in September 2019. They set out their aims to achieve Net Zero within the council by 2045, and across the borough by 2045. As a response, Newable and the Barnsley Council launched the Net Zero Accelerator, an exclusive project for 36 ambitious Barnsley businesses … Continued

Helping small businesses access big supply chains

By Natasha Boumediene

Becoming supply chain ready ln today’s rapidly changing landscape, many large companies are waking up to the benefits of diversifying their supply chains to improve agility, adaptability and enhance their economic and social impact. Newable’s comprehensive programme, supported by JPMorgan Chase, is designed to help SMEs at the heart of the UK economy become supply … Continued

Newable ranks low on ESG Risk Rating

By Natasha Boumediene

Sustainalytics are an independent rating organisation, who provide high-quality, analytical ESG research, ratings and data to institutional investors and companies. Categorised across five risk levels, Sustainalytics ESG Risk Ratings are: Why is this important? Following on from the release of Newable’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy last year, Newable has been working to achieve … Continued

Fuelling Ambition – Breaking barriers

By Natasha Boumediene

Entrepreneurs face many challenges in business life. These challenges are even greater for female entrepreneurs. With various barriers; including access to finance and reliable business advice networks. 2020 was even more difficult with the pandemic; Wired reports that unlike previous recessions, which affected men more severely, the economic fallout of Covid-19 has disproportionately affected women.* … Continued

Supporting the Space sector with advice and investment

By Ruth Collier

Newable has been supporting UK businesses for almost 40 years, through the provision of Money, Advice and Workspace. In 2020 alone, we supported over 43,000 business all at different stages of business development. In many cases, businesses will come to us at different stages of their business journey, whether they’re launching new products and need … Continued

Newable Capital invests in leading software provider

By Natasha Boumediene

Founded in 1992, and based in Bath, Dancerace offers a best-in-class receivables finance software operating system, along with training, consultancy and support services to help customers get the most value from their software. Focussed on the mid-size/independent receivables sector, the company serves a third of the total receivables market in the UK and Australasia, plus … Continued

Newable’s Environmental Management Policy

By Natasha Boumediene

Each EMS ensures a common thread through communication and assessment while at the same time offering bespoke tactics and interventions as we seek to engage with staff and assess and our environmental impacts. Our approach Newable is not only looking to mitigate its own potential compliance risk and to reduce costs and carbon through high … Continued

U.K. SMEs keen to embrace a hybrid working style

By Natasha Boumediene

Almost half (47%) of UK SMEs would be more inclined to spend more time in the office if on-site child care facilities were available, while 83% cite a sustainable office environment as being important, reflecting an increasingly environmentally conscious workforce, according to the third Newable Small Business Confidence Index. The exclusive survey of 1,000 SME … Continued