Our Journey

We started our journey in July 1982 as Greater London Enterprise, which later became known as GLE. GLE was a not-for-profit organisation established to help create jobs and opportunities for Londoners. GLE’s aim was to improve the economic well-being of people living in London, which had been badly hit by the UK’s manufacturing collapse, high unemployment rates, and widespread disaffection among young people. Ken Livingstone, the then leader of The Greater London Council set up GLE, an organisation committed to equal opportunities and creating jobs across London. He recognised that diversity provided London with an opportunity to position itself as a global city. Within 15 months of being established, GLE had invested over ¬£1m in Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic enterprises (BAME).

Our Commitment

40 years later, we have expanded our offering beyond London, but a focus on diversity and inclusion remains a core part of what makes Newable who we are. This focus on social impact is part of our DNA and is underpinned by our ESG strategy.

Our ESG commitments are a core component of Newable’s DNA; it is what makes us unique and are the culmination of a year-long process that seeks to ensure we are making a positive impact in all that we do. This is further reflected in the five values Newable upholds in everything we do, these define who we are and what we stand for.

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