At Newable, we are committed to supporting the career progression of our employees. Fuelling Ambition Inside is an employee-led initiative that is designed to drive career development within Newable. Fuelling Ambition aims to break barriers and help our teams realise their potential.

The programme initially launched after we hosted a series of external Fuelling Ambition events to help women entrepreneurs break barriers. After we saw what a success the events were, we launched our own internal programme, named “Fuelling Ambition Inside”, and opened it up to both male and female employees.

Fuelling Ambition Inside is run by an employee-led committee and headed up by Ciara Fitzgerald, Head of Innovation & Business Advice, and Ruth Collier, Director of Marketing. The programme is designed around four key elements: Mentoring, Workshops, Training & Networking.


At Newable, we have many highly experienced individuals who would make valuable mentors to employees within the company at the start of their careers. With this in mind, we launched the mentoring scheme in December 2021, with our first call out for mentors. We were delighted to secure seven mentors, from a range of different business units and responsibilities. We subsequently launched the call out for mentees back in April with 15 individuals requesting a mentor to help them in both their personal and professional development. HR are now taking the time to pair mentees and mentors on their skill sets, to complement one another, and get the best out of the partnerships.

Workshops & Training

We are thrilled to have just launched our series of workshops which include a combination of both career coaching and training sessions based on both professional and personal development. The workshops will be hosted by an external company named ‘360 Training’ at 140 Aldersgate and via Teams. Coaching sessions are led by ‘The Career Coach’. We launched the series of events on Tuesday 17th May, where inspirational speaker Bella Reid, came to speak to us about her extraordinary resilience throughout life, and how this has led her to become the entrepreneur she is today. Bella’s business, Vio Cosmetics, is currently being supported by Newable Business Advisor, Lesley Rubeinstein-Pessok.

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