Newable is the delivery partner for several of Innovate UK’s programmes, including Global Business Innovation Programmes (GBIP).

What is GBIP?

Up to 15 high-growth innovative businesses are supported during each Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP).

They explore opportunities that exist in specific business markets and themes, providing detailed market knowledge, introductions and cultural insights.

The Global Business Innovation Programmes are not about trade and export, but on helping innovative UK businesses tap into complementary knowledge, skills, facilities, in the chosen country and building understanding and networks to enable to business to grow and scale globally.

How does the programme work?

Each Global Business Innovation Programme lasts up to 12 months and is structured around three phases:

1. Prepare for the market:

Preparing for the market includes the cohort being briefed by sector and market experts on, for example, cultural aspects of conducting business in that country. Delegates receive help to find partners and arrange meetings and are advised on best practice including the management and protection of their intellectual property.

2. Visiting the market:

Visiting the market provides opportunities to attend pre-arranged meetings and activities in order to better understand and maximise the opportunities that the visit presents.

3. Exploiting the opportunity:

Exploiting the opportunity is arguably the most important aspect of the programme. To maximise the opportunity, participating companies are given bespoke one-to-one support from an Innovate UK EDGE innovation and growth specialist to help develop and implement an action plan.

The Global Business Innovation Programme operates on a competitive basis and businesses selected are required to participate in all three stages.

Innovate UK have run approximately 40 GBIPs to date in areas such as Agritech (Canada), offshore wind (China), future cities (India), cybersecurity (Israel), advanced materials (South Korea), and AI (USA).

See highlights from the Artificial Intelligence & Data programme to Israel, encouraging diversity in innovation and showcasing UK women-led businesses:


Diversity in Innovation – Showcasing UK businesses in Israel from Newable on Vimeo.

Who is this programme best suited for?

It is important that businesses will directly benefit from participation in the programme and have the necessary resources and can clearly articulate their objectives and ambition for participation.

We are looking for businesses that are innovative and:

  • Registered in the UK
  • Small or medium sized business (can have up to 500 employees)
  • High-growth innovative businesses, ambitions for global growth

It is important that businesses will directly benefit from participation in the programme and have the necessary resources and can clearly articulate their objectives and ambition for participation.

What is the cost?

Innovate UK and Innovate UK EDGE will fund and organise flights, accommodation, in-market travel, and conference fees for successful applicants. They will also pay for any reasonable adjustments throughout the initiative.

Only one representative from each company will be funded. On acceptance to the initiative a commitment fee of £500 will be obtained from each delegate, which will be refunded on completion of the full activities and agreed action plan. Non-completion after formal acceptance may result in forfeiting some or all the commitment fee.

Our programmes:

GBIP in Israel: Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge

Five-day in-market visit to Israel

A country starved of natural resources, Israel has put innovation first. This programme visit focuses on Israel’s thriving innovation ecosystem.

This initiative is relevant for businesses that develop low-carbon technologies that will increase the competitiveness of the industry and contribute to the UK’s drive for clean growth, through:

  • Carbon capture
  • Utilisation and storage (CCUS)
  • Low carbon hydrogen
  • Fuel switching on industrial sites
  • Low regret technologies

GBIP in Tokyo, Japan: Battery Technologies – Five-day in-market visit to Japan

Batteries will play an important role in helping to achieve the net-zero target by 2050. This programme visit focuses on Japan’s thriving science and technology system. A powerhouse of battery innovation.

We are looking for businesses focusing on propulsion battery development, new and emerging battery technologies, and businesses that provide stationary storage solutions for both grid and home, through:

  • High performance batteries
  • Routes to low cost, critical material free batteries
  • Next generation technologies
  • Recycling and second life

These programmes are not currently accepting applications. Find out more about our current events here.

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