Which is why Fuelling Ambition – a programme to help female entrepreneurs realise the commercial potential of their businesses – was created. As a champion of business growth, Newable understands that with sustainable economic growth so difficult to secure, women realising their full business potential is critical to the UK economy.

Our Fuelling Ambition programme brings together ambitious female leaders from a number of different industries and backgrounds  to share their insights to help map out goals, identify barriers, devise a clear strategy and take decisive action to help make a business’s vision become a reality.

We started the Fuelling Ambition programme with a six-part workshop series, designed to support female entrepreneurs at every stage, from inspiration to investment. The workshop series saw huge demand and had excellent reviews from all attendees.

Fuelling Ambition Conference

2022 sees the return of the renowned Fuelling Ambition Conference, which will bring together over 150 like-minded female entrepreneurs and business owners to engage, network and learn from other successful women in business.

With five topics to help reconnect, renew and relaunch, the conference aims to fuel business growth following the most undeniably challenging time for business owners.

On April 27th 2022, the all-day conference will feature a powerful line-up of speakers sharing practical business advice and their own inspirational journeys. The host of this year’s Fuelling Ambition Conference is Bolaji Sofoluwe, Managing Director at ETK Group.

With over 20 years’ experience in general consulting, strategy and banking, Bolaji has worked in diverse sectors and provides strategic insights by guest lecturing in some of the UK’s finest institutions.

If you are an ambitious UK female entrepreneur, founder or business leader looking for inspiration and practical business advice to accelerate your business growth in 2022, the Fuelling Ambition Conference is perfect for you.

Watch the highlights from our 2018 Fuelling Ambition conference at Milton Court, with inspirational speakers such as June Sarpong, Holly Tucker, Dan Cobley and more below.


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